Yuguang Media Company Limited

原创雕像设计Original statue design


With creativity as the source of inspiration and craftsmanship as the technical support, our design team is committed to creating statues with unique charm for each piece. From the determination of the theme to the selection of materials, from the design of the composition to the processing of details, we strive for excellence and strive to achieve the ultimate in every aspect. Our works not only focus on aesthetic value, but also pursue distinctive artistic expression, bringing endless surprises and touches to customers and audiences.

原画设计Original painting design


We continue to challenge the limits of art with our creative spark and technical prowess. Each original painting is a masterpiece of our ingenuity. The perfect integration from concept to detail makes each work full of unique charm and vitality. We not only focus on the visual effects of our works, but also pursue emotional resonance and depth of connotation, and are committed to presenting visual feasts to our customers.

IP衍生品开发IP derivatives development


We strive for excellence and perfection. Every derivative product is a tribute and extension to the original IP, and contains our persistent pursuit of quality and creativity. Choose us, choose high quality, and choose unique IP derivatives.

手办定制服务Figure customization service


Whether you want to create a personalized character based on your own image, or want a special souvenir of your favorite IP, we have you covered. Our customized services are carefully polished and controlled from design to production to ensure that every piece meets your expectations and requirements. We have a professional design team and production team that can tailor perfect figures according to your requirements and ideas. Whether it is an individual user or a commercial customer, we provide flexible and diverse customization solutions to create unique hand-made artworks tailored for you.


Our brand philosophy is "Infinite Creativity, Quality First". As a company specializing in figure customization services, original
painting design and original statue design, we are committed to creating unique, creative and high-quality works of art for our
customers. We know that creativity is the life of a brand, so we constantly pursue innovation and breakthroughs, and constantly
challenge ourselves to meet the changing needs of our customers. Whether it is from figure customization services to original
painting design, or from original statue design to production and processing, we have always maintained a keen sense of
creativity and strict requirements for quality. We firmly believe that only through continuous innovation and constantly
improving quality can we win the trust and support of customers and build our brand into an industry leader.
Therefore, we regard creativity and quality as the two core values of the brand. Based on this, we continue to
develop and expand our brand and provide customers with better services and more competitive products.
Our goal is to become a leading brand in the industry, bring more surprises and touches to customers, and give
more possibilities to artistic creation. Let us go hand in hand and create a better future together!